WooCommerce Review – Pt. 3

The Wizard

The Wizard will walk you through creating your essential pages such as Shop, Cart, Checkout, and My Account:

Store Location

The second step requires you to choose your location, currency and how you choose to collect sales tax, you can include the tax in the price, exclude it, or not collect any at all. WooCommerce will then bring up your state’s sales tax, though it is up to you to verify what taxes you need to collect which can be updated from the tax settings page later.


Next, you can opt in or out of the WooCommerce Shipping option which enables you to print labels and get discounted USPS shipping rates. You will also choose your shipping weight unit and dimension unit.


You can also set up your payment gateways with just a few simple clicks and a couple steps depending on the gateway.


Lastly, you can choose to activate the WooCommerce theme Storefront, otherwise, you can choose to skip this step and keep your current theme. WooCommerce integrates correctly with the majority of themes, but Storefront and its extensions are guaranteed to work flawlessly.

Your store is now setup and ready to be populated, you have two options, manually enter in items or upload a CSV file.

Up Next

In Part 4 we will create a product and run through the main settings.

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