WooCommerce Review – Pt. 2

Installing and Using on WordPress.com

WordPress.com has added some cool features, such as the ability to use practically any plugin or theme from the WordPress.org ecosystem. If you upgrade to the Business plan, you will be able to add plugins from the plugins tab and also upload themes in the Themes tab.

Let’s go ahead and add WooCommerce to our WordPress.com site. Click on ‘Add’ next to Plugins

Next, search for WooCommerce or look for it in the featured section.

Click on the icon then click install, it should say installing, then after a few moments the plugin will be active:

Considering that as of this writing the WordPress.com Calypso dashboard does not support WooCommerce integration, or for that matter a wide variety of third party plugin UIs, you will need to go to the older WP-Admin. There are three ways to get there.

  • From the WooCommerce Plugin page where we installed the plugin, click on Settings

  • Go to your address bar and add /Wp-Admin to your domain, i.e ‘http://www.onecoolsite.com/wp-admin’
    • From here search for WooCommerce in the left-hand sidebar
  • Scroll to the bottom of your WordPress.com dashboard’s sidebar and click on WP  Admin

Once you arrive at the WooCommerce plugin page you will be presented with a few options. Along the top are the different settings tabs for your WooCommerce account such as General, Products, Shipping etc. There should also be a Setup Wizard option, this is useful for setting up your most important information and I advise going ahead and doing so.

Up Next

In Part 3 we will look through the many settings in WooCommerce to fully set up your e-commerce experience.

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