What’s New In Gutenberg

A new toolkit The beauty of the Gutenberg project is it is not just an editor, but a coding component system. What at first appears to be an infringement on ‘artistic license’ for developers is alternatively liberation from the TinyMCE editor and its trappings. Gutenberg serves as a standardization for the WordPress software that isContinue reading “What’s New In Gutenberg”

A Twentyninteen Rebrand

As I began the new year, I decided it was finally time to dust off my FTP client and rethink my website. Past iterations of my site were mostly just tinkering and devoid of any real substance. Yes, lessons were learned, but some things just need to be burnt to the ground and built fromContinue reading “A Twentyninteen Rebrand”

Working with Pixelgrade and Gutenberg

I work everyday with users on WordPress.com. Implementing Gutenberg into such a large project is vastly different than implementing it alongside an individual website. When working on personal projects, any issue can become a major issue pretty easily. I can see why some of the community isn’t too thrilled with the changeover. I know thatContinue reading “Working with Pixelgrade and Gutenberg”