Building a WoW Talent Calculator

I have always been a fan of the World of Warcraft talent calculator. It was quite the bummer when it began to change during the expansions. To me, this is a classic RPG talent tree. It has a couple notable elements: Progression through the tree starts at the top in tier one A point limitContinue reading “Building a WoW Talent Calculator”

A Twentyninteen Rebrand

As I began the new year, I decided it was finally time to dust off my FTP client and rethink my website. Past iterations of my site were mostly just tinkering and devoid of any real substance. Yes, lessons were learned, but some things just need to be burnt to the ground and built fromContinue reading “A Twentyninteen Rebrand”

Northern Short Course

The 38th Annual Northern Short Course (NSC) will be held March 7-9, 2019, at the Renaissance Woodbridge Hotel in Iselin, NJ. The Northern Short Course is a three day event for professional journalists that offers lectures and workshop series to help foster professional development. I’ll be leading a workshop titled Why An Opensource Website Matters. Find out moreContinue reading “Northern Short Course”

Introducing…The Web Font Coupe

Google Webfont Loader Now in Plugin format. The issue with web fonts is that they can sometimes block the page render, especially on mobile devices. This issue stems from the rendering path. As a website is trying to download resources it may get hung up trying to download a bunch of webfont libraries. Often youContinue reading “Introducing…The Web Font Coupe”

One-Page Theme | Prerequisites

Setting up WordPress & Underscores on a Local Environment Before we begin getting into our theme build we should first go over a few prerequisites, namely: Setting up a local environment Downloading and setting up WordPress Downloading and understanding the starter theme ‘Underscores’ Installing and setting up Bootstrap Let’s get started. Setting up a localContinue reading “One-Page Theme | Prerequisites”

One-Page Theme | Part One

How to create a one-page theme for WordPress Update: I have recently changed the WP_Query function featured in this posting. The original function would query pages by specific names, i.e “Masthead” or “Start”. This proved to be inflexible, and in practice provided a poor user experience. For instance, if a user wanted to label theirContinue reading “One-Page Theme | Part One”