Creating a blog on

Export – Signup – Import – Setup Here’s a fun scenario, let’s say we have a blog on a self-hosted site but we want to transfer its contents to How would we do that? Export The first step would be to export the content from our current site. Most content managers have an exportContinue reading “Creating a blog on” – Pt. 1

Get Started – Register – Profile – Name Creation Register Go to and create a username and password Create a web address WordPress comes with a free web address for every blog. All free blogs follow the same naming scheme ‘’ Pro tip, yourcoolsite is a subdomain of, the entire ecosystem isContinue reading “ – Pt. 1”

WooCommerce Review – Pt. 5

Settings If you ran the quick setup wizard, a lot of these settings should already be set. Let’s take a look at the other features included in WooCommerce. General The General section control settings such as your location, the locations you sell and ship to, and how WooCommerce collects your customer’s location. You can alsoContinue reading “WooCommerce Review – Pt. 5”

WooCommerce Review – Pt. 4

Manually enter items Now that we have completed the Setup Wizard, we should have the foundation of a basic e-commerce system. The next step is to populate the Store page with products. You can either upload a CSV of products or manually enter them in via the Product tab. Let’s look at the latter. OnContinue reading “WooCommerce Review – Pt. 4”

WooCommerce Review – Pt. 3

The Wizard The Wizard will walk you through creating your essential pages such as Shop, Cart, Checkout, and My Account: Store Location The second step requires you to choose your location, currency and how you choose to collect sales tax, you can include the tax in the price, exclude it, or not collect any at all.Continue reading “WooCommerce Review – Pt. 3”

WooCommerce Review – Pt. 2

Installing and Using on has added some cool features, such as the ability to use practically any plugin or theme from the ecosystem. If you upgrade to the Business plan, you will be able to add plugins from the plugins tab and also upload themes in the Themes tab. Let’s go ahead andContinue reading “WooCommerce Review – Pt. 2”

WooCommerce Review – Pt. 1

In the beginning….there was commerce. Building out an ecommerce store used to be a very involved process requiring a skilled programmer, and it still is! But luckily we now have access to plugins that essentially create an entire ecommerce experience for you with little to no coding experience required. WooCommerce is arguably one of theContinue reading “WooCommerce Review – Pt. 1”

Jetpack Review – Pt. 4

Engage Your Visitors Subscriptions It may take a lot of work to garner traffic, with the ubiquity of blogging these days. Having an opt-in subscription form can often times help you target more interested visitors. Keeping in touch is as easy as embedding a subscription form into your posts, pages and sidebars with no codingContinue reading “Jetpack Review – Pt. 4”