Corona Activities

One perk of working remotely by default is that not much has changed since the pandemic started. Rereading the last line is a bit unsettling. It’s like the beginning of a bad horror fiction starring Jesse Eisenberg. But the strangeness of this year’s current events aside, the full impact of social distancing and quarantining doesn’t […]

Northern Short Course

The 38th Annual Northern Short Course (NSC) will be held March 7-9, 2019, at the Renaissance Woodbridge Hotel in Iselin, NJ. The Northern Short Course is a three day event for professional journalists that offers lectures and workshop series to help foster professional development. I’ll be leading a workshop titled Why An Opensource Website Matters. Find out more […]

Working with Pixelgrade and Gutenberg

I work everyday with users on Implementing Gutenberg into such a large project is vastly different than implementing it alongside an individual website. When working on personal projects, any issue can become a major issue pretty easily. I can see why some of the community isn’t too thrilled with the changeover. I know that […]

WordPress Pt. 3

Configuration and Settings Sharing Now that you have great content you will probably want to share it. Sure, you could, and should, manually post your content across all of your social media platforms. But why not allow your viewers to share the content? has sharing buttons baked right into your website. Go to Sharing -> Connections […]